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Fans urge Mike Tyson to be pulled from Jake Paul fight

BoxingMay 28, 14:44
Fans are demanding that Mike Tyson be removed from his upcoming fight with Jake Paul, scheduled for July 20, due to a recent health scare.
Despite Paul's confirmation that the bout will proceed as planned, many believe it is unsafe for the 57-year-old Tyson to participate following a medical emergency.
Tyson experienced severe health issues during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, necessitating paramedics' assistance.
Reports indicate that Tyson was attended to by medical staff for an extended period due to a stomach problem. Paul's insistence that the fight remains on schedule has sparked widespread criticism.
"You love to make stuff up before knowing the facts for clicks and likes. Nothing changed," Paul stated, dismissing concerns that the fight might be canceled.
Tyson's team released a statement to address the incident, explaining that Tyson suffered from nausea and dizziness caused by an ulcer flare-up. The statement reassured fans that Tyson is now doing well and expressed gratitude to the medical team that assisted him.
In Touch Weekly, the first outlet to report the news, included eyewitness accounts from fellow passengers. One passenger described how an announcement was made for a doctor before paramedics boarded the plane. Another passenger mentioned that the flight attendants emphasized Tyson's importance and ensured he received prompt medical attention.
Following the incident, fans have expressed concern about Tyson's ability to fight, fearing that any blow to the stomach could cause serious harm. Calls for Paul and Netflix to reconsider the match have intensified, with many urging Tyson to withdraw for his health's sake.
“Mike Tyson should withdraw from the fight with Jake Paul,” one fan insisted. Another added, “People were criticizing Jake Paul, accusing him of trying to duck the fight. Now, this fight must be called off immediately.”
A third fan pleaded, “Jake, please call off the Mike Tyson fight. There’s no honor in it anymore. It’s just a money match at this point. Let’s find a better match.”
Ironically, just a day before his health scare, Tyson had posted on Instagram, “Can’t wait for Jake’s wake.” Given the current circumstances, fans are more worried about Tyson's health than the match's outcome.
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