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Manchester United coach unveils why Jadon Sancho refused to apologize to Erik ten Hag

FootballMay 30, 22:05
Jadon Sancho, the Manchester United forward, has spent the latter part of the season on loan at Borussia Dortmund following a public disagreement with United's manager Erik ten Hag.
This conflict arose from Sancho’s decision not to apologize to Ten Hag for a social media post that defended his training efforts and criticized the manager's claims.
Earlier in the season, Ten Hag had publicly criticized Sancho, stating he was not meeting the required 'level' in training. Sancho, feeling unjustly targeted, responded on social media:
"Please don’t believe everything you read. I will not allow people saying things that are completely untrue. I have conducted myself very well in training this week. I believe there are other reasons for this matter that I won’t go into. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time, which isn’t fair!"
This public rebuttal led to his exclusion from the first-team squad, making only three substitute appearances in the Premier League before being left out entirely.
Consequently, Sancho was loaned back to Borussia Dortmund in January, where he has since thrived.
Manchester United first-team coach Benni McCarthy provided insights into Sancho's refusal to apologize, explaining the deeper reasons behind the player's defiance.
McCarthy recounted his attempts to mediate the situation, saying, "I spoke to the manager and I said to him that you know the delicacy. I told him I think Jadon feels that if he apologizes, then he’s going to be classed as someone who doesn’t train hard, that doesn’t work hard, and that everything said against him was true."
McCarthy, drawing from his own experiences growing up in challenging environments, understood Sancho's perspective. "If you are from the streets, no one wants to apologize because then you’re admitting you are not training well, you are lazy, everything you are accused of," McCarthy explained.
"Jadon wasn’t going to have that. The manager just said that all he wants is an apology. I spoke to Jadon as a coach, as a mentor, as a friend, and as someone who grew up on the streets and knows the code. But Jadon just wasn’t seeing it. He said, 'I ain’t apologizing because if I do, I’m apologizing for being lazy, always being late, and not giving my best. That’s what I’m apologizing for'. And those were his reasons."
Back at Borussia Dortmund, Sancho has made the most of his return, playing in 20 matches and significantly contributing to the team's journey to the Champions League final.
His performances highlight his talent and determination, suggesting that his challenges at Manchester United were more about personal pride and principles than a lack of effort or ability.
Sancho's future at Manchester United remains uncertain and is likely contingent on whether Erik ten Hag continues as manager.
The decision from the United hierarchy is still pending, and it could have a significant impact on Sancho's career.
For now, Sancho's resurgence in Germany has demonstrated his resilience and ability to overcome adversity, reaffirming his potential to the football world.
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