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Kevin Magnussen urges rule change as he faces potential race ban

Formula 1May 16, 22:10
Kevin Magnussen is on the verge of receiving a race ban after doubling his penalty points tally in the recent Miami race.
Kevin Magnussen has proposed a change to the rules for issuing penalty points as he approaches a potential race ban.
The Danish driver now has 10 penalty points on his super licence, after accumulating five more during the recent Miami Grand Prix.
Magnussen was engaged in a tough battle with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton during the sprint race, running off the track multiple times before colliding with Logan Sargeant during the main event.
Any driver who accumulates 12 points within a 12-month period is automatically banned from the next race.
Since the rule's introduction in 2014, no driver has reached the race-banning threshold. Magnussen, however, is frustrated with the nature of some of his penalties.
“The fact that I'm at risk of a race ban for driving outside of some white lines on a piece of Tarmac—I don't know if I feel that is right,” Magnussen told media, including Sportsflash.
“But it is the way the rules are, so I accept that. I feel there is room for improvement.
“Not only in terms of the points system, but there are more races now than when these rules were introduced.
“You can end up getting a race ban effectively for a very minor thing. So that's what I feel.”
Magnussen has claimed that his defensive tactics in Miami were intended to support his teammate Nico Hulkenberg's pursuit of points—a claim Hulkenberg has denied.
The 31-year-old admits he will need to modify his driving style to avoid being sidelined later this season.
“The next time is a race ban, so I think I'll have to [change my style],” Magnussen said.
“These situations where I've had to play the support role for my teammate have been valuable to us.
“I don't love the way the rules are, that it's possible [to be banned]. I would love it if it weren't possible at all.
“But the rules are as they are, and I didn't make them. So I think there's room for improvement.
“For myself, I’m on 10 points, so I’ll have to be careful not to get a race ban.”
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