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Scottie Scheffler 'in shock' after being arrested by police

GolfMay 18, 00:06
World number one golfer Scottie Scheffler says he was "rattled" and "in shock" after being arrested and charged by police this morning.
Scheffler is due to appear in court on Tuesday facing several serious charges. The golfer has been charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding signals from officers directing traffic.
The incident has created a tumultuous backdrop for Scheffler's participation in the PGA Championship.
Scheffler was released from custody at 8:40 am local time (1:40 pm UK time) and promptly returned to the golf course to play his second round. Despite the distractions, he remains only three shots off the lead.
Speaking to reporters after his round, Scheffler described the incident as "a chaotic situation and a big misunderstanding."
"It was a chaotic situation and a big misunderstanding. My head is still spinning," Scheffler admitted. "I spent some time warming up in a jail cell, which was a first for me. I was pretty rattled, to say the least... I was never angry, I was just in shock. I was shaking for about an hour."
The incident began when a fatal crash occurred near the front gate of the Valhalla Golf Club. A bus struck and killed a man, identified as John Mills, who was working for an on-site vendor.
Scheffler, who was not involved in the accident, allegedly attempted to drive around the crash site and failed to stop for a police officer.
According to reports, an officer grabbed onto Scheffler's car as he drove around 10 to 20 yards before stopping at the entrance to Valhalla.
ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington, who witnessed the scene, recounted the events:
"At that point, the police officer instructed Scheffler to get out of the car. He rolled down the window, the police officer grabbed his arm and started pulling at it. He reached inside, opened the car door, pulled Scheffler out, pushed him up against the car, immediately placed him in handcuffs."
The police report details that Detective Gillis attempted to give instructions to Scheffler, who allegedly refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging the detective to the ground.
Detective Gillis suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment. His uniform pants, valued at approximately $80, were also damaged.
In response, Scheffler's attorney, Steve Romines, stated that the golfer was proceeding as directed by a traffic officer and unintentionally disregarded signals from another officer amidst the confusion.
"Multiple eyewitnesses have confirmed that he did not do anything wrong but was simply proceeding as directed," the statement read. "He stopped immediately upon being directed to and never at any point assaulted any officer with his vehicle. We will litigate this matter as needed."
Despite the personal turmoil, Scheffler managed to focus on his game, expressing his gratitude for the support from fans. "Coming out here and trying to play today was definitely a challenge, but I did my best to control my mind and control my breathing... just try to play golf," he said.
"I knew there was going to be a lot of distractions... but to be honest, it was great having the fans behind me. I felt they were really glad to have me out here competing today."
Scheffler also conveyed his sympathies to the family of John Mills. "I can't imagine what they're going through this morning," he said solemnly. "My situation will get handled... I can't get into what transpired... my heart goes out to the family."
The incident has cast a shadow over the tournament, with officials expressing their devastation over the death of John Mills.
As the investigation continues, the golf community awaits further developments regarding Scheffler's legal situation and the impact it may have on his career.
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