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Mikkel Hansen has boosted his physical confidence at special training camp

HandballMay 19, 13:42
The national handball team's physiotherapist assesses Hansen in better shape than during January's European Championship.
This Sunday marks the second leg of the semi-final clash between Aalborg Handball and Skjern in the men's handball league.
In the first match on Thursday, Aalborg triumphed with a 29-26 victory over the West Jutland team, with Mikkel Hansen playing a crucial role by scoring several long-range goals, a feature that has become less frequent in the star player's repertoire over the years.
Despite being in the final months of his professional handball career, the 36-year-old veteran is determined to be in peak condition.
Last week, while the national team played test matches, Hansen was excused from participation. Instead, he utilized these days to work with the national team's physiotherapist, Anja David Greve, focusing on optimizing his physical condition.
Particular attention was given to his groin, which has been problematic this season and his knee, which has troubled him in the past, explains Anja David Greve.
"I can't work miracles in four days, but I believe he gained some physical confidence by experiencing what he is still capable of," Greve told DR Sporten.
Greve elaborates that the intensive training camp focused significantly on enhancing Hansen's speed and power. "There’s good strength in his legs and his arm," the physiotherapist noted, an improvement both experts and national coach Nikolaj Jacobsen have been calling for.
Hansen demonstrated this explosiveness in last Thursday's match against Skjern, and Greve is optimistic about his physical condition overall.
"Of course, there's always room for improvement, but considering where we are in the season, I think he's in good shape. Based on what I saw last week, I'd say he's in better condition than he was in January," Greve said, referring to the European Championship.
When asked if Mikkel Hansen is ready to deliver a strong season finale for Aalborg Handball, Greve replied confidently, "I am certain he will."
In addition to competing for the Danish championship, Aalborg Handball is also vying for the Champions League trophy, a title that Hansen has yet to win.
Mikkel Hansen announced a month and a half ago that he would retire after this season, with the Olympic Games being his final goal. Should Hansen be part of Nikolaj Jacobsen's Olympic squad, he will face a tight schedule with many games in a short period. However, Greve believes Hansen's body is up to the task.
"I'm not worried about it. Both Mikkel's playing style, his understanding of his own body, and the way I can support him give me peace of mind."
So, Danish fans can be assured about Mikkel Hansen's physical condition?
"Yes. Mikkel is very knowledgeable about his body, and if there's something he needs, he will contact me. We know each other well enough for that. If he needs it, he’ll call," she said.
For now, the focus is on Sunday's semi-final against Skjern, where Hansen and Aalborg Handball only need a draw to secure a spot in the finals. The match will be played in West Jutland at 4:00 PM.
Two hours earlier, the second semi-final between Ribe-Esbjerg and Fredericia will take place. The first leg ended 27-27, meaning a victory in the second match will secure a finals berth. A draw would result in a third and decisive semi-final match.
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