27-year-old football player found dead: Family accusing the club’s coach

Photo: Maddy Cusack / GettyImages

In September, the 27-year-old Maddy Cusack was found dead. Now accusations are being made against her coach.

It came as a huge shock to Sheffield United when the 27-year-old football player Maddy Cusack was found dead in September.

The police announced that there was nothing about the death that seemed suspicious.

Nevertheless, the club decided to initiate an investigation, which was done at the request of the family.

In December, the club announced that they had not found any evidence that anything wrong had happened in the case. Therefore, it also seemed that a definitive end had been put to the case.

However, according to The Athletic, this is not the case. Instead, the family has made serious accusations against the club’s coach, Jonathan Morgan.

Among other things, they have called him ‘a psychopath’ and have claimed that he commented on Cusack’s weight.

“There were many factors that led to Maddy being unwell, but fundamentally it all traces back to Jonathan Morgan. We are convinced that she would have been here today if the club had not hired him. We have messages and calls that can confirm this,” the family writes.

According to the parents, the 27-year-old football player decided to leave Leicester City in 2019 because of Morgan. At that time, he was the coach of the club.

In February last year, he was brought in as a coach at Sheffield United, which had consequences for Cusack.

This resulted in her being benched with the justification that she was overweight.

Morgan has been suspended due to the accusations and the investigation. However, he resumed the position last week, and according to The Athletic, denies all accusations.”

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