Michael Schumacher is now able to ‘sit at the dining table’

Photo: Michael Schumacher / Getty Images

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher ‘sits at the dining table’, says his former teammate Johnny Herbert.

The German racing driver managed to win seven Formula 1 world championships before he officially ended his career. It’s an achievement that only Lewis Hamilton has also been able to accomplish.

After retiring, he had more time to do other things. He took advantage of this by going on a ski holiday in December 2013, where he crashed and hit his head on a rock.

As a result of this, he sustained life-changing injuries that left him in a coma for over half a year. Since then, he has not appeared in public, and very little information has been released about the 55-year-old’s condition.

Nevertheless, Johnny Herbert has heard that Schumacher should be able to sit at the dining table at home.

“I only hear snippets. I hear from those in F1 that he sits at the dining table for dinner. But I don’t know if that’s true,” he says to BettingSites.

“I can only read between the lines. We haven’t heard much from the family and that’s understandable. It has always been part of Michael and the family’s way to keep everything very private and secret.”

“It continues from his racing days. I don’t feel that things have progressed in a way that many of us who knew him and many of his fans around the world wish to see.”

“We would all love to know that things are moving forward in a positive way. But because we have no information, we can only assume that he is not yet in a position where there is a chance for improvement.”

Thursday 11. January 2024

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