Haas’ new Team Principal reveals the team’s ‘frustration’

Photo: Ayao Komatsu / Getty Images

Ayao Komatsu has been appointed to take over from Günther Steiner as the team principal of Haas, following his firing on Wednesday.

The newly appointed Haas team principal, Ayao Komatsu, has spoken about what has been a ‘source of frustration’ for the American team.

On Wednesday, Haas announced that the team had made a significant decision to say goodbye to Günther Steiner.

In the same context, it was also revealed that Ayao Komatsu had been appointed to take over the job as team principal.

The American team has had a very tough time in Formula 1 in recent years. Last year was also not a great success, which is why they finished in last place in the overall standings.

The team’s car was simply not competitive enough, and Nico Hülkenberg and Kevin Magnussen had to struggle to maintain performance during the races.

Now, Ayao Komatsu tells that the poor streak has resulted in growing frustration within the team.

“We are a performance-based business. Clearly, we have not been competitive enough lately, which has been a source of frustration for all of us,” says Ayao Komatsu according to RacingNews365.

“We have fantastic support from Gene (Haas, team owner, ed.) and our various partners. We want to reflect their enthusiasm with an improved product on the track.”

“We have a great team of people across Kannapolis, Banbury, and Maranello. I know that together we can achieve the kind of results we are capable of.”

Ayao Komatsu has been chosen as the new team principal, as he was already part of the team.

Before he took over Günther Steiner’s role as team principal, he was the holder of the role as Director of Engineering.

This means that this time it is an actual engineer who will be leading Haas.

Time will tell if this will be an advantage for the American team, which hopes for better results in the 2024 season.”

Thursday 11. January 2024

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